Friday, October 19, 2012

Fat Free Calorie Free Donuts!

I had to sit in front of a perfect plate of fresh baked, warm, wafting assortment of chocolate cookies in a very serious morning meeting....and I am on a post-baby diet! 
So these Fat Free calories free all you can eat (with your eyes) glazed donuts are the revenge!  Aniseed and rose glazing I'll call them.  What do you think?

Are donut a French Food, ok, maybe not in the strictest sense, but beignets are donuts right?? :)

FOR SALE - Close to A4 size (8x10 inch) .... Contact us using this link!

I finished the donutsat the same time that I put finishing touches to a new commission.

Framed, the watercolor could look like this!




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