Saturday, September 12, 2015


I recently setup shop at Artfinder.  Check it out and please follow my shop!


  1. Cool! I saw your beautiful art on Clotilde's blog. You have such a talent for creating art that elicits an immediate response from the viewer! Your works are really fresh and creative.

    I'm more of a musician than an artist, but for a week now, I've had this strong urge to paint. I'm not a painter. Hah. But I want to try. The only art medium I can use is watercolor, because I deal with severe chemical sensitivities.

    Can you recommend a brand of watercolors that have good pigments in them? I tried the Crayola watercolors and they weren't too great.

    1. I use Winsor and Newton artist watercolor as my base. Do experiment with, sennelier or Schmincke or any other "artist grade" brand. Student quality colors are more hit and miss. Also you can mix watercolor pencils or vibrant inks in. Enjoy experimenting!