Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dream Map

This is a little island I made up. Nice to go there for the holidays. But cliffs of pirate hazards to be avoided!!  What is your ideal spot?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pasteils de Nata

This is "tarte au flan" in a miniature, richer and cinnamony-er version. Lots of egg yolks for a deep yellow soft set custard,  with a slightly burnt sugar crust on top.  The dough is flaky crunchy and buttery. No short crust here.
They are all over in Lisbon, on every cafe counter, and often served with a deep black expresso. These ones were still hot when bought them. 
The trick I was told is to make the sides of the puff pastry crust thicker by taking a disk and flattening the center to push the dough to the sides. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Artist in Residence-Fortune Green

How lovely to be chosen as artist in residence by the Friends of Fortune Green!  You can see the full site There.

The Friends are dedicated to making the green beautiful and useable. During its history this green was threatened and the residents pulled together to buy it in the late 19th century.  More of its history can be found Here
It remains a public park to this day and local resident still care for it through the Friends of Fortune Green.

I made a first painting representing a map of Fortune Green. Oddly it is in the clear shape of a fox's head. There is a fox sculpture in the western area and I was told it is a fox hangout at night!  A good coincidence!

Watch out for my sketching class in the green on July 31. Should be fun!