Monday, September 17, 2012

Watercolour Family portrait - a kitchen drawer view

£50 - A4 size- Custom Spoon Portrait with your family name
This is a family portrait, from the breakfast table!  Papa, Maman and kids (including twins), all with their stages of favorite spoons!  Contact us for your own watercolour spoons family portrait.   You can even send us a pictures of your own spoons along with the names to be added! We'll create it within the next 3 days.


  1. Cool idea. I'm considering this. Thanks. Enjoyed your blog, too. Followed you here from Artists Workshop FB group.

  2. Thank you ever so much Darlene! Loved the artist statement on your blog at Let me know if you are interested. As a starting artist, I love to share my art so I can do free shipping if you wish! Let's keep in touch on the Artists journal site anyway, great to see your creations.