Sunday, September 30, 2012

Watercolour Marrow Gratin and TINTAGEL Fudge

£50 Original vegetable portrait - A4

We went to Tintagel in Cornwall for the week-nd.  The Gratin recipe on the picture is the treatment we gave to the marrow waitng for us when we got home.  An eggy-cheesy-nutmeggy custard on top of it and quickly in the often. The result is a warm, soft and sweet gratin. 
Tintagel (Arthur's Castle, or Camelot) was magical, and magikal. 
(Merlin's cave below)

Before I speak of our encounters and sacred places, I can talk already about the seafood, amazing and just picked from the sea.  We had huges crevettes in buttery sauce with coarse garlic, sea bream with sun-dried tomatoes and hazelnut-garlic salsa verde.  Smoked mackerel and home-smoked mussels.  Just a few of the dishes there. 
In Tintagel we had some of Granny Wobly's fudge.  Now until then I thought fudge was a preety bland, albeit slightly caramely blend, of sugar and butter,  Not so there.  An explosion of flavors, melting.  The choice of flavors is just varied enough, without getting confusing.  The banofee one, the maple walnut and the butterscotch one were my favorites.  And the owner (below) is a very peronable guy! Look at his 1/2 ton marble table where he turns the fudge.  He explained it is so the crust gets back in the folds and creates the texture.  Highly recommend this in Tintagel's high street. 
and Granny Dootlitlle's home-made jams....! With the honesty box to leave the money in!
So much to say about this trip.....more with more pictures soon! 

No off to Paris for a couple of days for work!

But I finsh with this Giant's face under Tintagel (earily like Manu's profile!)


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