Thursday, November 1, 2012

Glorious Bees - A Beehive Watercolor

I love Bees. I love everything about them, their intuitive almost psychic way for each single bee to act as a whole.  The way they are so in tune with nature that they are barometers for the state of of it.  The delicious cakes and "pain d'epices" (spice bread).  The morning toasts slathered with dark chestnut honey.  The medicinal properties for sore throats of course, but also for disinfecting and healing a wound without scaring. 
Honey and bees are some of my favorites subjects to draw. Certainly, it is one of my life goals to keep bees.
Here is a an old-style beehive in Watercolor which I enjoyed making in sweet green, honey and rose colors.  I also added a cropped bit of the picture to show the granularity of the watercolor that makes this technique so sweet.  Enjoy!

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Framed it could look like this:

Details of the granular Watercolour

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